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Showing 1–27 of 35 results

Chocolates and Biscuits


Chocolate and biscuits are the snacks that are loved by the young and old! The wide range of Indian chocolates such as dairy milk, kitkat, 5 star, perk,  amul dark chocolate, mars, snickers, bounty, safari, twix and toblerone will give you a nostalgic feeling. Further, we have the milk chocolate handmade with desi ghee and dry fruits. This milk chocolate is not only delicious to eat  but healthy too. This chocolate has a shelf life of 2 months.


Biscuits are enjoyed eaten solely or along with a cup of tea or milk, be it milk biscuits, butter biscuits, digestive biscuits, cream biscuits or cracker biscuits. The popular biscuits in India are Parle-G, Good day, Hide & seek, Marie gold, Krack jack, Monaco, 50-50, 20-20, Happy happy, Bourbon, Dark fantasy, and Oreo.


 If you are currently living abroad and missing your favourite biscuits when you are having a cup of tea or the packet of biscuits that you had during your school days or childhood or study time along with friends, then no worries!. The biscuits can be eaten any time of the day with just a single order from DesiYaaro. We can even serve our guests the traditional Indian chocolates and biscuits. You can also gift a box of chocolates and biscuits to your loved ones who are living abroad, we will deliver the products at their doorstep at reasonable prices.


So if you want to get your hands on the Indian chocolates and biscuits living abroad. Order online! We deliver our products across the UK, USA, UAE, Canada, Netherlands, Japan, Australia, Norway, Denmark, Newzealand, Germany, and France. Order online and we will deliver the product safely to your doorstep within 5 business days. 


If you didn’t find the specific product you are searching for on our website, then you can suggest a specific product to us on the “Suggest a Product” tab with the product information and we will surely deliver that product to you at your doorstep.