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An authentic south Indian meal is incomplete without the papad. The crispy and crunchy papad does magic in our mouth. The sound of the “kurram kurram” is just pleasant to our ears. The papad along with a bite of rice is heavenly, just fills the soul and makes us feel content be it kids or elders. At the types of papads we have are gummadikaya vadiyalu, minapa vadiyalu, regi vadiyalu (jujube vada), uppu mirapakayalu (challa mirchi), rice papad, ragi papad, kali mirch papad, garlic papad, sabudana papad, aloo papad, hing papad and shakuli. Also various types of fryums. The Papads we offer are traditional and homemade, made with fresh quality ingredients without any added preservatives. The papads have a shelf life of 3 months.


The fryums or papads are such food items that are not easily available across the streets in the foreign countries, maybe in some countries you may find one but surely not at the regular prices that we have in India. If you are living abroad, it would be a good option to buy the fryums and papads from, because we offer a wide range of Indian products at reasonable prices. 


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