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Showing 1–27 of 370 results

Buy Indian Grocery Online | Biggest Supermarket for Indian groceries in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Switzerland, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden, Singapore. Shop Now

The best online grocery store for Indian groceries. Desi Yaaro is an online supermarket for all Indian daily needs. Online shopping now made easy with a wide range of Indian grocery items to choose from in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Switzerland, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden, Singapore and more.

Indian Grocery Online in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Switzerland, Japan with Free Shipping on Orders Over $ 50

Desi Yaaro is one of leading online store for shopping Indian FMCG products and Indian grocery like pulses, pickles, sweets, snacks, Masalas, tea chai, dals, lentils, rice, biscuits, flours, millets, Indian pregnant food products, gourmet Indian instant foods, Indian spices, curry, ready to eat Indian curry and Karam podis / chutney powders. The biggest online Indian grocery with wide range of Indian products serving customers in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Switzerland, Japan. Catering over 9000+ products and 200+ honest brands from small Indian merchants, You can find anything and everything Indian that you need for your daily needs. Shopping with Desi Yaaro largest Indian Grocery store online for Indian groceries in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Switzerland, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden, Singapore and more.


Biggest Online Supermarket for Indian Grocery

Desi Yaaro believes in providing the highest level of customer service and is continuously innovating to meet customer expectations. Our On time Guarantee is one such assurance where we refund 10% of the bill value if the delivery is delayed. For all your order values above $ 50, we provide free delivery to any country.

Best quality Indian Grocery products for our quality conscious customers from Hand Picked carefully curated Indian sellers

Desi Yaaro is synonymous with superior quality and continues to strive for higher levels of customer trust and confidence, by taking feedback and giving our customers what they want. Being the leading online Indian grocery store offering a wide range of Indian food and beverages and other consumer products like Indian Jewerly Online, Indian Dresses and many more. Select from wide variety of Indian instant foods, snacks, sweets, rice, lentils, dals, flours, millets, pickles, rava, chutney powders, masalas, Indian spices, ready to eat Indian foods, pickles, pastes, chai, sauces, tea, instant coffee and many more. Now all the Indian grocery and food items are just a click. Get amazed with the super delivery of online Indian grocery products in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Switzerland, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden, Singapore and more.

and convenience of great discounts on groceries within the comfort of your home with our door delivery services.

Combination Of Huge Indian Grocery Colletion, Super fast Delivery & Best Services make Desi Yaaro an amazing choice to order you daily grocery needs.

Why to Buy Indian grocery in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Switzerland, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden, Singapore from Desi Yaaro

  • Huge Collection of 10,000+ Indian Grocery products to choose from
  • Free Shipping over $50
  • Quick Delivery using the best in class courier services.
  • We don’t have customer support team but customer experience team.
  • Great deals and discounts every day

All in all Desi Yaaro – One Stop Shop For All Indian Grocery Online in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Switzerland, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden, Singapore and Dubai


The joy of having Indian food living abroad would be on another level. Not just that we are Indian and love Indian food, but the fact that the Indian food is genuinely good, comforting and hits the soul. From mouth watering Indian sweets and desserts to finger licking spicy curries, the range of food items we have in Indian cuisine is huge. We bring a variety of Indian food items and groceries.


In spices we have black pepper, chilli, cloves, cardamom, coriander, fennel, cumin, fenugreek and cinnamon to add flavour to the food.


In masala mixes we have garam masala, 3 minute Poha pouch, Rava dosa mix, Rava idli mix, Sambar mix, Tomato rice powder, Upma mix and Pulihora Paste mix.


In cooking oils and ghee we have coconut oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil, mustard oil, groundnut oil, refined oil, unrefined oil, cold pressed oil and shuddh desi ghee. 


In Ready to eat Indian we have the millet pongal, millet upma, millet bisibelebath, multigrain pongal, Temple pulihora, dosa mix, idli mix, dosa pro mix, kanchi idli, ready to eat chicken darbari, mutter paneer, navratan korma. All the products are ready to cook and easy to make, mostly taking 10 to 15 minutes.


In cooking pastes and sauces we have red pepper sauce, tamarind paste, tomato puree, tomato sauce, ginger garlic paste, imli sauce, schezwan sauce, red chilli sauce, tomato makhani, hyderabadi biryani cooking paste.


In rice we have the sona masoori rice, basmati rice, jasmine rice, brown rice, red cargo rice, parboiled rice, sticky rice, and long grain white rice. In pulses and dals we have the moong dal, tur dal, urad dal, chana dal, malka masoor dal, kali masoor dal, unpolished chana, kabuli chana, unpolished chole, moong dal chilka, moong dal dhuli. We also have rajma, dalia, and pushtahar dalia.


In flour, millets and grains we have whole grain flour(atta), white flour(maida), besan(chickpea flour), rice flour, moong flour, urad dal flour, corn flour, and jowar flour. In millets and grains we have kodo millet, little millet, foxtail millet, barnyard millet, pearl millet, proso millet, finger millet, amaranth and sorghum(jowar).


In cooking aid we have the knives, spoons, cups, wooden spoons, fish turner, peeler, Pressure Cooker and Prestige Induction Electric Cook-Top.


So if you want to get your hands on the Indian food items and groceries living abroad. Order online! We deliver our products across the UK, USA, UAE, Canada, Netherlands, Japan, Australia, Norway, Denmark, Newzealand, Germany, and France. Order online and we will deliver the product safely to your doorstep within 5 business days. If you didn’t find the specific product you are searching for on our website, then you can suggest a specific product to us on the “Suggest a Product” tab with the product information and we will surely deliver that product to you at your doorstep.