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Showing 1–27 of 37 results

The Purpose of Cooking oils and Desi Ghee  


Oils are an essential part of cooking, without the use of oil, there might not have been many dishes in any cuisine, be it any part of the world the use of oil is almost on a regular basis. In India we have a variety of cooking oils such as Coconut oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil, mustard oil, groundnut oil, refined oil, unrefined oil and cold pressed oil. From making the regular vegetable curry to making the mouth-watering Pakoda, Samosa, Bhajiya, kachori, and even the Kebabs, the use of cooking oil is essential . It’s important to use only the best quality cooking oils, as the use of unhealthy cooking oil can take a toll on your health. We offer a wide range of high quality oils from the top Indian oil brands such as Fortune, Freedom and Padmavathi foods.


In addition, we also have the shuddh desi Ghee, the Cow Ghee listed on our website are 100% pure and best in quality. The ghee has the nutritional quality of all the vitamins A, D, E and K and healthy fats which are essential for the human body. The Ghee has some anti-inflammatory properties and helps boost immunity and memory power. We also have Camel milk that is made with camel milk fat that helps control your cholesterol, decrease inflammation or irritation. The shuddh desi ghee on desiyaaro.com are the topmost brands in India such as Aadvik, Durga Ghee, Gavyamart, Heritage, Nestle, Organic India, Organic Wellness Ow’zeal, Padmavathi foods, Patanjali, Sitara foods, Sri Murugan and Sri Sri Tattva.


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