Rice, Pulses & Dals

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Showing 1–27 of 42 results

Rice, Pulses & Dals: The Everyday Food


Rice, pulses and dals are the food items that are used on an everyday basis in an Indian household, be it in India or Indians living abroad. We stack up loads of rice, pulses and dals in our home, such that we shouldn’t run out of these every now and then. There are a number of factors that make these foods eaten on a regular basis. Firstly, the overall nutrition the food provides to the human body, it is rich in protein, vitamins and fibre, all these are essential for the body. So, what we are offering


Rice – For us Indians, our meal is incomplete without having a bowl of rice. The variants of rice we have are the sona masoori rice, basmati rice, jasmine rice, brown rice, red cargo rice, parboiled rice, sticky rice, and long grain white rice which is all available here at DesiYaaroEven if you require any special rice variety do use our “Suggest a Product” tab to mention the same.  We would source it for you!


Pulses and dal – a bowl of rice is incomplete without the dal. We need dal along with roti or chapati to eat. The variants of pulses and dal we have are moong dhal, tur dhal, urad dhal, chana dhal, malka masoor dhal, kali masoor dhal, unpolished chana, kabuli chana, unpolished chole, moong dhal chilka, moong dal dhuli. We also have rajma, dalia, and pushtahar dalia.


Stack up your kitchen with our high quality rice, pulses and dal, Order and buy the high rice, pulses and dal online from desiyaaro.com, we deliver our products across the UK, USA, UAE, Canada, Netherlands, Japan, Australia, Norway, Denmark, Newzealand, Germany, and France. Order online and we will deliver the product safely to your doorstep within 5 business days.


If you didn’t find the specific product you are searching for on our website, then you can suggest a specific product to us on the “Suggest a Product” tab with the product information and we will surely deliver that product to you at your doorstep.