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Oil Massage to babies do have its own significance. Moreover, it should be done in the form of Abhyanga. The belief of an Ayurvedic Massage is highly recommended. Perversely, many doctors would state that an Ayurvedic Baby Massage was Un hygienic. It was considered to be unscientific and unsafe. As if now, Modern massage states that a Massage creates a Euphoria both within Mother and Baby. There is a pleasurable feeling amongst both of them.

There is a basic reason behind doing the Oil Massage. The Sebaceous glands which produce Oil are undeveloped in infants. As a result, the Oily coating is absent in babies, when compared to adults who possess it. Therefore, an Oil massage is mandatory. Moreover, the oil should be mildly acidic. In addition, it should have the Botanical Ayurvedic Herb extract infused in the same.

There are multiple uses of an Ayurvedic Massage to a baby. Firstly, the Oil is able to penetrate well in the baby’s skin. It forms a barrier for any types of infection. This Massage results to the elimination of toxins. Such a Massage favors the Neuromuscular development in babies. In addition, it improves the Skin shine and the Gloss of the skin. Moreover, the child Immunity is also boosted. Beyond this, it augments the Thermal regulation within the baby. Furthermore, such a massage for three years forms the acid mantle on the skin. Apart from this, Babies have proper Hair and Scalp nourishment. Babies also fetch an appropriate Bodyweight. It is all because of such an Ayurvedic Massage. Not to become oblivious (forgetful) of the fact that such an Ayurvedic Massage should be completed 15 minutes prior to the Snana (Bath).

At the baseline, the right to a Right type of Ayurvedic Massage at the Right time is the obvious right of the Baby.

There are a few Nooks and Corners when it comes to the Abhyanga catering to babies. Abhyanga should be done either in the morning or else evening. The mother should wait for an hour in case he/she has already been fed. The Baby can be either in a Seated position. He or She can also be spread on an Oilcloth. A hygienic sheet is absolutely preferable. It is cent percent advisable for the mother to heat the Oil. Overheating can be scathing to the baby. Therefore, the Oil should be kept Lukewarm. Following this, a Lukewarm water bath adds to the proper nourishment of the Baby. It makes the Baby more comfortable. Moreover, the process does not end here. The baby should be kept covered, Post Bath. He/She should be warm. The pressure of the fingers on the babies should be avoided. At the same time, the mother should also have a Hygienic edge. Her hands should be washed properly along with the nails trimmed. Furthermore, never apply the Oil to the eyes of the Baby.

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