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Bath essentials are the most significant parameters during Pregnancy. We incorporate definitely a touch of Ayurveda in these Bath essentials. Those pregnant women who are settled abroad should sense the Earthly smell of the Oils .. Nausea and Fatigue is the most common issue during the first Trimester (1st to 13th weeks). On the other hand, the second trimester welcomes the Gestating mother with a Handful of Pains !! These include mostly Back Pain and Abdominal Pain. Ayurvedic Massage Oil strengthens the muscles. It also (denegrates) reduces pains. Moreover, water is also retained. Adding to these, our mothers also become the victims of Heartburn, Constipation, and Leg Cramps. Ayurvedic Lotions for preventing Stretch Marks are also a boon.

We recommend all our mothers to use Soft toothbrushes. It will prevent them from Gingivitis and Dental caries. Acid accumulation is also prevented within the teeth and gums.

Pregnancy is of course the inception to the arrival of the Newborn to a New world. But, it is definitely a new life to the mother. She bears the physical pain. She reaps additionally the bliss of her own baby. In return, we at Desiyaaro, have come up with the most emollifying Bath Essentials. These act as the Key to the Lock at every Stepping Stone of the Pregnancy !!

Firstly, we provide our Mothers with Apple Cider Vinegar. This type of Vinegar has Antifungal properties. The Vinegar needs to be added in the water. It should be preferably Warm water (Extreme Hot water might harm the unborn). Desiyaaro nurtures our mothers with the best quality Apple Cider Vinegar. It will favor the mother to get rid of severe aches. These pains are often irascible (irritating). Apart from this, our mothers can also use Bath Bombs. Bath bombs are blended with Essential Oils. This category of Oils has an Ayurvedic essence. At Desiyaaro, we promote the usage of Lavender Oils in the Bath bombs. This oil has an extremely beneficial Antiseptic effect. Moreover, the essence of this oil is also an additional factor. As a result, the mother gets relieved from the pains. Bath Oils can also include Rose Oil, Chamolite Oils, Peppermint, Lemon and Geranium Oils. Perversely, we blend the Bath Bombs only with Lavender Oil. It has been reported to possess the best absorption qualities. It does not cause skin irritation. Other oils might cause a couple of varied side effects on the mother’s skin.

Turmeric is an imperative component in our Bath essentials. It reduces Stress. It has anti oxidant properties. Additionally, it acts as an Anti fungal medicine. Moreover, it nourishes the nails. It also cures the cracked heels. Pregnant mothers face a lot of issues with regards to the Dry skin. It happens in the First Trimester. Turmeric eradicates Dry skin. It also acts on the Stretch marks.

Bath essentials also include Epsom Salts. Our Mommies can purchase a very good quality of Epsom Salts. Our online platform is easily accessible. These Salts have a striking feature. It has Anti Inflammatory properties. Adding to this, it comprises Magnesium sulfate. This helps to plummet (reduce) Back pain and Abdominal pain .. Not only to a larger but also to the largest extent. Additionally, it also imparts a lot of relief from severe Leg cramps. These cramps are often very distinct during the Second Trimester. Fluid Retention is another most common problem witnessed. Our best quality Epsom Salts prevent variety of swellings in the body, especially Pregnancy Swellings in the feet.

Whenever you are facing such type of issues, feel free and let us know !! Desiyaaro will offer to our Pregnant Mommies an avancular (helpful) hand when it comes to Bath Salts. These have the Ayurvedic essence and the Indian feel !!