Maternity Pads

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Showing all 25 results

Maternity Pads are quite different from Sanitary Pads. At the outset, from Desiyaaro, we advise strictly our First time mothers not to use any Sanitary Napkin. This might land up to a crescendo of problems. Sanitary Napkins have necessarily Plastic Coating. This coating can result in endless irritation.

The birth of the New born is also addressed with frequent and unexpected Vaginal Bleeding. It results to irritation from unnecessary infection. Therefore, at the baseline, we greet our New mothers with a gamut of Maternity pads which are Longer, Softer and more Blood absorbent. Bulk of the Maternity pads in our stock are organic. In the other way round, it has the Indian feel. Yes, we care you and your baby. As a result, our sincere concern is that your skin should not become prone to rashes.

Maternity Pads from our end are mostly unscented. At the same time, these are offered from our team within an affordable range. The organic Maternity Pads are additionally Biodegradable. Maternity Pads extracted from Organic content does not cause irritation at all.

Apart from this, we also have the Maxi pads. These pads possess longer wings with the best absorbent quality. Once again, these pads come within an affordable range.

Maternity Pads are a cent percent must soon after the delivery. There can be an abrupt blood flow ranging within two to six weeks post-delivery. At times, such a heavy Blood flow can be traumatic. After all, the Hormonal changes vary a lot from one mother to the other. We also have Maternity pads which soak moisture and absorb the complete heavy blood flow. These come with the brand name of “Poise Incontinence”. You can purchase these at an affordable price from our Online hub. These pads have a soft quilted top. It has an additional benefit of Overnight use.

Desi Yaaro welcomes all our new mothers to a unique world of Maternity Pads which are extracted purely and can be used smoothly. Most of these are Non aromatic. These are the most clean and soft pads for those soft moments which you spend with your Little Baby