Nausea and Morning Sickness Relievers

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Showing all 4 results

Nausea and Morning sickness is the most common problem in the first trimester of pregnancy. Ayurvedic treatments for pregnant women offer the right Solutions !! Nausea and Morning sickness can be avoided in the most traditional Indian way. Desiyaaro will take care of these happenings. Lemon water along with a handful of sugar will always help our mothers to keep themselves calm. They can keep themselves at bay with such issues. Additionally, it also helps in weight loss. Moreover, the traditional Cardamom curbs the Vomiting sensation. On one hand, Black Cardamom plummets the so-called “Kapha”, “Pitta” and “Vata”. On the other hand, Green Cardamom stimulates the Pitta. Beyond this, it emollifies Vata and Kapha.

In the category of Ayurveda, we also advise about the consumption of Ginger and Onion. The blend of Ginger juice along with one teaspoon of Onion juice helps to get rid of the queasy feeling. Moreover, Ginger tea is also effective. Specifically, Ginger comprises Antimicrobial peptides. These act as Stimulants. Ginger also reduces Morning sickness. Reversely, excessive consumption of Ginger augments the risk of Miscarriages. There are few more down the list. A pinch of Cumin seeds along with Nutmegs in hot water is effective. It is comparable to the Ginger Onion mix. Apart from this, Lemon Juice and Honey also combats Nausea. In addition to these, Curry leaves also combat Vomiting tendency and the resulting Morning Sickness. It also plummets the risk of infections, Premature Birth and Anaemia. Switching on to Fenugreek seeds, these induce Labour contractions. Contrarily, these should not be consumed before the 37th week of pregnancy. At Desiyaaro, we keep in mind to nurture mandatorily our Pregnant mothers with such tenous, but significant morsels. These indeed possess the right Ayurvedic Medicinal properties.

The pungent peppermint smell of Mint is also an additional asset to combat Nausea. Afterall, Nausea is only the root cause of Morning sickness. In the queue, Nausea and Morning sickness relievers also comprise Coconut water. Coconut water comprises lot of essential Vitamins, Minerals and Fibres. Plums comprise a lot of Iron and this combats Anaemia. Anaemia is a common problem during pregnancy. One amongst the best source of Folate is Spinach. Folic acid curbs Neural tube defects in the baby.

At Desiyaaro, nothing is extracted. We supply only that category of Ayurvedic products which can be literally of significant help to overcome those difficult times during Pregnancy. You can also buy other  Pregnant related products at Desi Yaaro website.